Employee Training


Training, for every employee at every level of the organization is critical to our success. From every newly hired hourly employee to senior management, Red Coats invests in each individual to ensure they can perform their job at the highest level possible.

Hourly Employees

From their initial day with Red Coats, all hourly employees are given training to ensure they have the specific skills required to do what is being asked of them. Each employee is trained in the basics of custodial tasks including cleaning and chemical use and basic use of equipment. In addition, their initial and on-going training includes modules dealing with safety, HAZCOM, MSDS, and Customer Satisfaction.

In addition employees of Red Coats, Inc. are thoroughly briefed in their basic security responsibilities during the work shift such as "working behind locked doors", not allowing access to tenant space for unauthorized persons, how to notify security of problems, etc.

Account Management and Supervision

We have always recognized quality, well-trained supervision at all levels as the key ingredient for success. Our operations management staff, as well as our account managers and building supervisors, attend industry seminars and clinics to improve their supervisory and technical skills. All supervisory personnel are continually monitored and evaluated with consistent, quality oriented performance as the ultimate goal.

Senior Operational Management

Our Senior Management, while highly experienced, need to also have continuing education and training. Red Coats encourages all Managers to become part of one of the industry associations and take advantage of the training offered by them. In addition, Red Coats monthly Supervisor and Management Meetings includes training sessions on the latest cleaning and service techniques, including Team Cleaning, Equipment, Financial Metrics, Customer Service

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