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Task Specific Cleaning is considered to be the best cleaning system to meet the high demands for quality cleaning in the marketplace today.

Based around a team of "specialists", the utilization of highly productive Back Pack vacuums and "task" oriented cleaning, team cleaning has gained acceptance across the commercial office cleaning industry. Task cleaning is used not only as a labor reduction method, but as a way to significantly increase the overall quality of the cleaning and at the same time improve the employee satisfaction level of the team members.

It takes a dedicated effort from all levels of the organization, from top management to the frontline worker. However, when correctly implemented, the team cleaning system can effectively, efficiently, and economically help a cleaning operation shine. Red Coats takes seriously the responsibility to ensure our overriding goal of Customer Satisfaction at a Fair, Competitive Price.

Some customer benefits from this system are:

  1. Virtually constant supervision;
  2. Cleaner carpets and therefore a cleaner work environment for the tenants;
  3. More consistent service due to less turnover of employees
  4. Better security as each crew is closely monitored by an experienced Team Leader;
  5. Energy savings due to lighting being required for only the floor(s) being accomplished (varies according to structure of individual program).
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