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The Red Coats, Inc. (Red Coats) Red Coat’s Global Care Program is a commitment to purchase and use cleaning products and methods that reduce adverse impacts on public health and the environment. Cleaning methods will emphasize the removal of indoor pollutants (including soils, particulates, microbes, etc.) while maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all building occupants and personnel. Additionally, cleaning methods will minimize the amount of product used as well as the amount of waste created. The product used are to meet the criteria set forth in this plan.

Red Coats views two primary benefits to "green" interior sanitation. First, cleaning practices that take environmental principles into account improve indoor air quality for building occupants and cleaning staff. The result is a decrease in building-related illness and greater productivity. Second, selecting products that do not contain environmental contaminants reduces the ecological impact of cleaning products. Green housekeeping is shown to reduce suspended particles, volatile organic compounds, as well as bacteria and fungi ("Indoor Environment Characterization of a Non-Problem Building: Assessment of Cleaning Effectiveness" prepared for the US EPA Environmental Criteria and Assessment Office by Research Triangle Institute, 1994.). The Red Coats’ Global Care Program also includes operational standards to ensure effective equipment performance and training.

Red Coats is committed to providing cleaning methods and practices for a healthy building environment that is conducive to employee productivity. Red Coats also recognizes its social responsibility to protect natural resources for future generations. As a result of this commitment, Red Coats has developed its Red Coats’ Global Care Program.

The Red Coats’ Global Care Program consists of four essential components; products, equipment, processes, and audit. It includes use of chemicals and equipment that either meet or exceed the EPA’s published guidelines or have been certified as environmentally preferable by independent organizations such as Green Seal and the Carpet and Rug Institute. Documented best practices for accomplishing tasks i.e. Systematic Team Cleaning will also be used. Red Coats places high value on maintaining operations in accordance with this plan and therefore will continue to monitor buildings for adherence to the program, performing self-audits.

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