Global Care

Global Care

Global Care is RED COATS, Inc. Green Seal GS-42 Certified Green Cleaning program that is designed to comply with standards established by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), and has helped numerous clients obtain LEED certification for their properties. As of July 2016 our industry leading Global Care Program has supported over 100 LEED-EB certifications throughout our service portfolio.

Consisting of environmentally preferable products practices and procedures that are managed and audited, Global Care is supported through our strategic partnerships with Janitorial Industry leaders who offer methods that have a positive impact on IAQ and reduce our environmental footprint for future generations. We strive to clean for health, safety and the environment.

As one of the largest commercial office cleaning companies, we see sustainability as a series of actions and a belief system that connects our daily practices at your facility. It is our commitment to ensure that the actions we take and the services we provide are environmentally responsible. As it relates to janitorial services, we believe that a "Green Cleaning Program" includes more than just "Green" Chemicals. Our "Green Bundle" also focuses on using Green Paper and Liners, the proper tools and equipment – items like micro fiber cloths, flat mops, highly filtered vacuums, and having written "Green" Policies and Procedures and Recycling programs and then applying those throughout the facility. Our Global Care green cleaning program includes Green Seal approved general purpose, glass and bathroom cleaners as well as floor finishes and floor finish removers. We also use equipment designed to reduce water and chemical use in cleaning, recycle detergent packaging and improve indoor air quality (IAQ).

While many companies focus just on the "big three" – products, equipment and processes, RED COATS takes these to another level. We know that Green Cleaning is important to our clients because it is beneficial to their employees and the environment, but we also feel is it is important to our RED COATS, Inc. employees, for their safety and good health. As such, we spend valuable time training our staff, both as new hires and on an on-going basis. We also, have a full time Global Care Environmental Compliance Manager. This manager is responsible for ensuring our employees are trained in the proper use of the necessary chemicals and equipment as well as following the carefully designed Global Care Green Cleaning procedures. Each Global Care program facility is regularly audited to ensure that the program is working to the benefit of our client.

We align with a variety of leading organizations to ensure that we are thought leaders, and more importantly, environmental stewards to our customers and our RED COATS, Inc. work force.

Our Global Care Program is made up of several components. The core components are:

  • Green Cleaning Products
  • Green Cleaning Equipment
  • Green Cleaning Procedures
  • Audits and Documentation
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